Yumna Zaidi & Wahaj Ali have become the reigning stars of the showbiz industry. Their starry performances as Meerb and Murtasim in the famous drama “Tere Bin” have delighted the hearts of millions across the world, and the audience has become deeply involved in their captivating storyline. The overwhelming response to the show has broken numerous rating records.

Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali's Dreamy Nikkah-themed shoot by Maha's Photography In the latest episodes of the drama, Meerab & Murtasim share a strong on-screen chemistry, but they are constantly caught in conflicts within their roles. Their characters always seem to be at odds, and their fans are eagerly awaiting more pleasing moments for Meerab and Murtasim to unfold.

Following the drama’s huge popularity, renowned Pakistani photographer Maha Wajahat Khan from Maha’s Photography brought together the talented duo in collaboration with Faiza’s Salon for a stunning photoshoot. This time, their Nikkah-themed pictures are absolutely breathtaking and have garnered across-the-board admiration.

Nadir Ali, a renowned YouTuber & influential figure from Pakistan, gained across-the-board recognition with his humorous prank videos, regularly shared on his YouTube channel called P 4 Pakao. With an impressive following of 4 million subscribers, P 4 Pakao has become a popular platform for his content. Nadir embarked on his professional journey at a young age.

Nadir Ali, hailing from Karachi, Pakistan, boasts a massive fan base in his home country and beyond. In addition to his pranking expertise, Nadir has expanded his repertoire to include hosting and podcasting. He now shares captivating podcasts on his new YouTube channel, Nadir Ali Official, which has garnered an impressive following of approximately 720,000 subscribers. Alongside his flourishing career, Nadir finds joy in his blissful married life and is the proud father of an adorable son named Hamdan.

Nadir Ali recently embarked on a significant journey to Saudi Arabia to fulfill his spiritual duty of performing Umrah. Accompanied by his beloved wife, he had the privilege of visiting the sacred cities of Madina & Makkah.

Nadir Ali performing Umrah with family: Shares soulful photos During this Umrah journey, Nadir Ali was accompanied by his parents, brother, & wife, who joined him in performing the sacred pilgrimage. The prankster, filled with joy, took to his social media channels to share a plethora of beautiful pictures from this auspicious trip. Additionally, he delighted his followers by posting heartwarming and adorable photos of his son on his Instagram account.

If you are interested in witnessing the splendid pictures of Nadir Ali during his Umrah journey with his family

Hadiqa Kiani is a highly accomplished artist known for her impressive vocal & acting abilities. She embarked on her career at a tender age, captivating audiences with her beautiful singing voice that transcends boundaries. Her immense talent has made her one of the most successful female musicians in Pakistan, and her fans appreciate her not only for her vocal prowess but also for her kind-heartedness and down-to-earth qualities.

After making a name for herself as a singer, Hadiqa Kiani stepped into the world of acting, making her debut in the drama Raqeeb Se, where she delivered a powerful performance that left everyone impressed. She has continued to take on significant roles in dramas such as Dobara and Pinjra, showcasing her versatility & commitment to the craft.

In recent months, Hadiqa has been heavily involved in supporting flood victims through her charitable organization, Vaseelah e Rah. Her tireless efforts have resulted in the construction of 1000 houses for those who lost everything in the devastating floods of 2022. Her philanthropic work has garnered widespread recognition both in Pakistan and beyond, earning her well-deserved praise for her selfless contributions to society.
Following her recent philanthropic endeavors, Hadiqa is now taking a well-deserved break and has flown to Barcelona, Spain for a vacation with her adopted son, Nad-e-Ali. The mother-son duo are exploring scenic areas and Hadiqa has been sharing their memorable moments with her fans on social media, who are thoroughly impressed. Hadiqa’s love for her son is apparent in her frequent posts, showcasing their close bond with the world.

Saud Qasmi is a Pakistani actor & producer who owns a production house called JJS Productions. He married actress Javeria Qasmi in 2005, and they have acted together in many dramas and commercials. Saud has appeared in numerous films and dramas and has been a prominent figure in the Lollywood industry. He has even won an award for Best Actor. One of his successful films is Majajan, in which he starred opposite Saima. Javeria, on the other hand, has been a longtime host and has hosted Express Morning Show.
Saud Qasmi and his daughter look amazing in these captivating photos There have also been some serious allegations against Saud Qasmi and Javeria Qasmi by actors who claim that they were not paid on time. However, no evidence has surfaced to support these allegations.
Javeria and Saud are proud parents of two beautiful children, Jannat and Ibrahim. The couple has raised their kids in an exemplary manner, instilling their own values in them. Many people believe that this comes naturally to Javeria and Saud, who share a strong bond with each other and their children.
Saud Qasmi and his daughter look amazing in these captivating photos Recently, Saud Qasmi was seen posing beautifully with his daughter Jannat Qasmi. They undoubtedly looked stunning together. Jannat was wearing a tan brown top, black jeans, and a hallowed crossbody bag, while Saud was dressed all in black. The father-daughter duo looked amazing in the pictures.
We have linked the photos down below. Let us know what you think of this father-daughter duo.

Nida Yasir & Yasir Nawaz are a lovely celebrity duo from Pakistan, blessed with three talented children. Currently, Nida’s kids are focused on completing their studies and have no immediate plans to pursue a career in the Showbiz industry.
Nida and Yasir celebrate son Balaj's Roza Kushai: see the pictures and video There are mixed opinions about Nida and Yasir’s personalities, but many agree that they are a friendly couple who enjoy hosting family gatherings for their loved ones. Just recently, they celebrated their son Balajs Roza Kushai, which was a momentous occasion as it marked Balaj’s first fast (Roza) under the guidance of his mother, Nida.
To mark Balaj’s Roza Kushai, Nida Yasir & Yasir Nawaz hosted an Iftar party for their family members. Prior to the Iftar, Nida’s siblings and Yasir Nawaz’s siblings arrived at their home to congratulate Balaj and presented him with gifts to mark the occasion.

From starring in popular web-series Churails to prize-winning movie Joyland, actor Sarwat Gilani is not one to shy away from projects on provocative subjects and issues that society doesn’t talk enough about: women’s rights, trans rights and mental health.

“If it’s something you really feel close to and responsible for, then it can be presented in any narrative,” she told Dawn in an interview.

Ms Gilani is currently in London to attend an event hosted by charity British Asian Trust, which among other programmes is working in Pakistan to address and build the conversation around mental health. In the past, the charity has announced actors Mahira Khan and Sanam Saeed as their ambassadors in South Asia for their mental health campaign.

Ms Gilani praised the charity’s work as “admirable and pertinent” in a region where it is badly needed.
“They raise awareness on mental health which is an invisible health issue that is often stigmatised. Their aim is to fundamentally transform the mental health landscape by destigmatising it, making it accessible and affordable for the people who cannot get help.”

When asked if the TV and film industry in Pakistan does justice to the subject of mental health, Ms Gilani said, “We are not addressing this issue with a lot of responsibility when it comes to the media, but it is time we talk about it with seriousness. The media has a lot of responsibility to mirror what society is going through.”

Ms Gilani said, “It is a responsibility on us as entertainers to help promote causes like this as millions are watching us.”
On the popular but regressive tropes often seen in the media with regard to women and mental health issues, Ms Gilani said, “There is only so much you can show on the saas bahu or mazloom sisakti hui aurat storylines, though they too are suffering from mental health. We can do something different.”
Ms Gilani said that if “a subject like Joyland can do wonders, a subject like mental health can too”. But to resonate with the people Ms Gilani says the story has to be “more entertaining, more relatable”.
When asked how it felt to see the extreme praise and subsequent censorship of Joyland, Ms Gilani said, “Winning the jury prize at Cannes was amazing. Back home, people jumped the gum and hadn’t seen the film yet passed judgement on social media.”
In the controversy, which saw the film banned and then unbanned and screened in KP, Sindh and Islamabad, Ms Gilani saw a silver lining. “It was encouraging to see the government say there is nothing wrong with it. It felt good that there are people in the right places who understand how important the subject is.”
“For 20 years I played that mazloom sisakti hui aurat. Now as an advocate of women’s rights, I can’t go back to playing that…. It’s time we talk about things without thinking of pleasing people. If we don’t speak up now we will never be given a chance.”
She encouraged people to talk about mental health, but not just inside a doctor’s office. “The conversation about mental health should be happening at the dining table — in your house with your family and with your children.”

Actor Ayesha Omar was extremely disturbed by a stampede in Karachi that claimed at least 12 lives. She prayed for the families of the deceased and asked God for guidance in order to be of help to others in the right way.

On Saturday, she re-shared a video discussing the harrowing news and wrote, “This is absolutely shattering. Ya Allah, please help and bless our nation. May their souls rest in peace. Please enlighten us with the correct way to help those in need without causing more suffering and please ease the pain of the those who lost their dear ones. Please guide us, our leaders and our government on how to follow, enable, formulate and implement rules to make everyone’s lives easier and more secure. Ameen.”

On Friday, a crowd stampeded during distribution of Zakat among the families of employees working at a private company in Karachi’s Sindh Industrial and Trading Estate (SITE) area.
In a statement, a spokesperson for the Keamari police said the injured had been shifted to the hospital while further investigation was under way. They added that most of the victims were women between 40 to 50 years of age.

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