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KUWAIT: The General Fire Force’s Public Relations and Media Department has issued a statement regarding a fire incident that took place in the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area. On Thursday afternoon, the Central Operations Department received a report about a fire outbreak in a residential Arab house.

In response, the Central Operations Department swiftly dispatched firefighting teams from the Al-Sumoud and Al-Ardiya centers, along with a supervisor, to the scene of the incident. Upon arrival, it was discovered that the fire had engulfed a three-story Arab house. The fire was successfully controlled and extinguished by the teams.

Tragically, the incident resulted in three fatalities and two injuries. The injured individuals have been handed over to the relevant authorities for further attention and care.

KUWAIT: As part of the ongoing endeavors by the General Administration of Residence Affairs Investigation to bolster security campaigns across different areas in Kuwait, a significant breakthrough has been achieved. A total of 67 expats of various nationalities were arrested in the Fahaheel region for violating the residency law. These individuals are now being handed over to the appropriate authorities for necessary legal action to be taken against them.

KUWAIT: The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Lieutenant General Anwar Al- Barjas, said the biometric fingerprint project provides a database for everyone who lives in Kuwait provided he/she is 18 years old and above, reports Al-Qabas daily. In this regards the Public Relations and Security Media Department of the ministry said in a press release following an inspection tour by Lieutenant General Al-Barjas to a number of biometric fingerprint centers, to determine the level of performance, speed of completion, and facilitation and facilitation for citizens and residents that the work on new biometric fingerprint efficient and smooth.

Lieutenant General Anwar Al-Barjas during a tour of one of the biometric fingerprint centers Lieutenant General Al-Barjas conveyed to the employees of the General Department of Criminal Evidence, who are in charge of the project, the greetings and appreciation of the First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Acting Minister of Defense Sheikh Talal Al-Khalid. Lieutenant General Al-Barjas affirmed the keenness of Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled to harness all capabilities and overcoming all obstacles in front of citizens and residents to facilitate their obtaining a biometric fingerprint.

He explained, “There are no impediments to traveling without taking a biometric fingerprint,” stressing that it is applied only during the return to the country. He added that the General Department of Criminal Evidence has taken all measures to facilitate arrivals and its readiness to complete the fingerprint for them, expressing his thanks and appreciation to those in charge of implementing development and modernization plans in the security sectors and upgrading the level of services provided to the public. About 3 weeks after its implementation at the ports, security sources confirmed that the new security system works efficiently and smoothly in the context of the development plan, noting the adoption of an integrated plan to keep pace with the momentum of summer travel and avoid overcrowding.

KUWAIT: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ has issued a cautionary advisory to all ministry employees and “iPhone” users regarding a critical security vulnerability present in the “iMessage” feature. In light of this potential risk, users are urged to disable the “iMessage” functionality on their devices to mitigate the possibility of unauthorized access and device compromise by malicious attackers.

KUWAIT: The Chairperson of the Board of Directors has urged the Director General of the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition, Dr. Reem Al-Fulaij, and the Director General of Kuwait Municipality to take action in canceling the sale of live poultry in shops located in residential areas. The aim is to prioritize the licensing of exhibitions for the sale of frozen chicken only, with the goal of safeguarding public health and ensuring consumer safety.

A letter from the Food and Nutrition Authority to the Kuwait Municipality,revealed the ongoing correspondence with the Ministry of Social Affairs regarding the cancellation of selling live poultry in stores, reports Al Qabas. The suggestion is to limit the licensing of exhibitions for the sale of frozen chicken, as the responsibility for identifying investment activities in cooperative societies within central markets and their affiliated branches in residential areas falls under the jurisdiction of the Kuwait Municipality, as per a decision issued by the Municipal Council.

The decision to cancel the activity of selling live poultry and focus solely on licensing exhibitions for selling chilled chicken is based on the need to preserve public health and consumer safety. This decision comes after testimonies from the Director of the Slaughterhouses Department and the Deputy Director General for Inspection and Control Affairs, as well as a legal opinion issued by the Legal Affairs Department. An official letter from the Ahmadi slaughterhouse highlighted the damages and disadvantages associated with shops selling, slaughtering, and processing live poultry in residential areas.

The Food and Nutrition Authority emphasized the importance of taking prompt measures in line with public interest and consumer safety. However, the implementation of the decision is contingent upon the approval of the Kuwait Municipality.

Further meetings and discussions between officials from the Food Authority and the municipality will be conducted to devise an appropriate mechanism for achieving the objectives of the decision and ensuring consumer health. The fate of this initiative will be determined in the coming days, depending on the approval or postponement by the Kuwait Municipality.

This proposal has not yet been communicated to the owners of companies and shops selling poultry in separate areas. If implemented, it will determine the fate of shops selling live chickens in residential, investment, and other areas, although further study and discussions will be held regarding the application of the decision.

KUWAIT: The Ministry of the Interior has decided to deport 302 Filipinos, after it evacuated a shelter affiliated to the Philippines embassy in Kuwait which housed 462 Overseas Filipino Workers in the Al-Surra area, and moved to the Kuwait government shelter in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, where their data was checked and 232 of them were ordered to be deported while 150 others remain in detention center because there are travel restrictions against them, reports Al-Rai daily. Security sources told the daily that the eviction process took place yesterday in coordination between the Public Authority for Manpower and the Residency Affairs Investigations Department after informing the Philippine embassy. The house where the OFWs where sheltered is rented by the embassy in violation of laws and regulations, because living inside the house were domestic workers who had fled from their sponsors.

The Ministry of Interior, according to reliable sources, is currently holding 150 Filipinos in the PAM shelter due to cases registered against them, ranging from criminal, misdemeanor, and labor disputes, and cooperation will be sought from the Ministry of Justice and PAM to complete deportation formalities. The sources added, the Ministry has made every effort to provide health care and logistical services for the Filipino labor in accordance with what is stipulated in international agreements and taking into account humanitarian standards.

The sources indicated that the travel procedures for the batch of 232 OFWs of whom are 223 women and 9 men, will soon be completed in coordination with the Philippine embassy, and they will be deported to Manila in batches starting from Thursday. The sources added there were 70 Filipino OFWs already living in the PAM shelter, and they will be deported separately, on Saturday, June 3, after completing their procedures and booking tickets for them. The security sources have called on all embassies to abide by the Kuwaiti laws saying “no embassy has the right to establish special shelters for its workers fl eeing from their sponsors.”

KUWAIT: According to reliable sources in the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), it has allowed expatriate workers, who are registered on the files of companies and establishments that were suspended during the last period, to transfer their residencies to other companies, reports Al-Anba daily. The sources explained that these files were closed during the last period because there were no clear automated addresses for them. It was decided to allow the transfer of their workers in consideration of humanitarian conditions.

The transfer of workers from closed files will be allowed based on certain conditions, the most prominent of which is that the transfer to other files be valid, and the transfer of the worker from one file to another is allowed, provided that more than 12 months have passed since his work permit with the suspended company. Regarding workers of companies that hold licenses for small or medium enterprises, the sources indicated that three years must pass from the issuance of the work permit as a condition for transferring from any small enterprise company. Regarding workers who do not meet the aforementioned conditions, the sources said that they can submit applications for paper transactions to the Disputes Department in Abu Fatira area, and the department will examine the file under which the worker is registered

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