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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 24 : Finally, more than 3 million expatriates working in the private sector can renew their residency electronically, in a step towards the completion of technical services and the application of e-government, to eliminate the paperwork and reduce the congestion in the corridors of ministries reports Al Qabas

The Ministry of Interior, is preparing to launch a new system to renew the residencies of Article 18 for civil sector workers, in October, in order to serve more than 3 million expatriates in the country.

This service, which will be launched by the Ministry of Interior through its website where it will be possible to renew the residence of the expatriate and his wife and children automatically without going to the passport offices/residence affairs in their governorates, nor carrying documents to review, this project is the largest and most important to keep up with the new vision of Kuwait towards the automation.

Sources also informed that with the support of the Economic Committee in the Council of Ministers has been completed linkages between government agencies, and the technical system will provide expats with a number of automated services, most notably the renewal of the residence of the expatriate and renewal of the residence of his wife, children and maid, in addition to another important service to come up is visit visa for relatives of parents, wife or children if they are not residing in the country .

These services come after the completion of the automated linking process between the Ministry of Interior and several related parties, most notably the General Manpower Authority as it is the body that has the data on the residence of expatriates and their relatives, and the General Authority for Civil Information regarding the names of expatriates as contained in Arabic and Latin and the Ministry of Health to collect fees automatically, and through The Ministry of Interior website will be charged the residence fees automatically through the company Knet competent to collect government fees, while the work of a new residence will be through the departments of residence affairs in the country at the moment.

According to the sources, this project came after the success of the project to renew the residences of domestic workers, which was approved months ago.

Sources informed the from year 2020 visit visas for relatives and parents will be made available online for expats

Source: Arab Times

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 23: A Sri Lankan man recorded his suicide live through his mobile phone with his compatriot girlfriend in his flat in Kheitan.

A security source said the man had live connection with his girlfriend, who is staying in the same building, through his mobile phone. He stood on a box and tied his neck with a rope saying he would end his life.

After a few minutes, he kicked the box and hanged himself. His girlfriend rushed to his flat and with the help of another Asian, they took him to Farwaniya Hospital but he died.

A case was registered and investigations are ongoing to determine the circumstances which prompted the man to commit suicide. Meanwhile, an Indian reportedly ended his life by committing suicide inside a general trading and contracting company, reports Al- Rai daily.

The man reportedly tied a rope to the scaffolding and ended his life. The remains of the victim have been referred to Forensics.

Source: Arab Times

Permit to open, renew medical facility KD 200 yearly


KUWAIT CITY, Sept 23: The Ministry of Health has introduced new fees for the certification of documents by the Medical Council and medical tests for expatriates if they apply for a job in the government sector, reports Al-Anba daily.

The daily added, if an expatriate needs to attest a sick leave granted by a private medical center or hospital in Kuwait or abroad, he/she will have to pay 2 dinars; the cost of medical test for persons seeking government employment is 20 dinars, the cost of disability certificate is 5 dinars; 10 dinars for a fitness certificate, ‘to whom it may concern’ certificate to determine the level of disability is five dinars.

The Ministry has also imposed 50 dinars for three months fee for the approval to advertise health-related products and 100 dinars for a license to advertise a health company or facility.

The Ministry will also charge fees to analyze the laboratories of the Department of Registration and Control of Medicinal and Vegetable Medicines.

The analysis includes medicines, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, medical supplies and all the materials which required to be analyzed. The analysis of the registered product is 15 dinars and 50 dinars for the unregistered, 30 dinars for analyzing a second time and 60 dinars when the request is repeated.

The Ministry has also approved fees for issuing an import or export license for narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances which is KD 30; fees for issuing a trade license for narcotics or psychotropic substances is KD 100, and KD 10 for stamping 50 prescription book of psychotropic substances and narcotic drugs, 5 dinars for approving the record of psychotropic substances and narcotic drugs per 400 pages.

The Ministry will charge KD 10 for certificate of good conduct, 10 dinars for the issuance of a certificate ‘To Whom It May Concern’, in addition to 10 dinars to translate the license in English.

The cost of permit to open a medical facility is 200 dinars per year and the same amount for renewal.

The issuance and renewal of oneday operations is for four years in line with the license period. A cost of licence for a permit for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is 200 dinars per year – operations and freezing embryos and other related services – renewal of licence charges for one year remain the same.

The fee for registration of a company with the right to marketing medicines, grafts, vaccines and registration of a manufacturing site is 500 dinars.

Source: Arab Times

KUWAIT — In a statement, the ministry affirmed its full readiness to cope with any emergency, affirming that all precautionary measures have been taken.
The ministry added that it had taken all necessary measures and precautions with the Kuwaiti Insurance Company and the food supplies outlets throughout the country.
Strategic stockpiles of food at the warehouses are sufficient for six months and some of the amounts are enough for a whole year, it said in the official statement.
It urged all concerned to seek information from “the right sources before spreading.

Source: Arab Times

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 18: Kuwaiti man has been arrested and his car was impounded for committing five serious traffic violations, reports Al-Anba daily.

A security source said the arrest came after someone informed the Operations Department of the Ministry of Interior that the suspect was performing stunts and driving recklessly in the Al-Sabah area.

Ahmadi Security Directorate dispatched security patrols to the site cordoned off the area and arrested the suspect.

The citations include for reckless driving, endangering the lives of other road uses, violating security conditions, driving a car which is not road worthy and driving without a numbers plate.

Source: Arab Times


Image result for Study on Kuwait metro project Phase 1 ongoing

PART facing several obstacles


KUWAIT CITY, Sept 18: Public Authority for Roads & Transportation (PART) has affirmed that coordination with Ministry of Finance is ongoing to list the costs for studying, designing and executing the first phase of metro rail project, reports Aljarida daily.

It indicated that the authority is facing several obstacles such as receiving multiple reports from several government agencies that claim the metro project clashes with their current and future projects. In response to a parliamentary question recently submitted by MP Abdulwahab Al- Babtain, PART said it is currently coordinating with agencies whose services are based on the course of the metro project, especially Kuwait Municipality for reviewing and specifying the final train course in case the current course is amended.

It indicated that the consultants are due to meet with the PART’s representatives to study, design and update the traffic study, which also includes movement of people and goods, environmental studies, and resolution of major obstacles in the path of the course.

“All that is needed is a preliminary design before finding lasting solutions for those obstacles, such as electricity and its lines, oil fields, etc,” the authority clarified. It also affirmed it has resorted to alternative options for presenting the project, taking into consideration its nature, importance and duration for its execution, and total cost.

It has recommended its execution through the “design – construction” system, and is currently coordinating with the oversight bodies to finalize the issue. PART explained that the feasibility study of the metro project has been prepared through a consultation firms in agreement with Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects in order to present the public-private partnership (PPP) model.

The authority issued a decision No. 58/2017 to form a committee for completing and updating the earlier mentioned study. It said, “That committee presented some observations on the feasible study of the project, such as the course of the metro train, which as per the study faces many challenges. Based on this, several government bodies objected to it, not taking into consideration the linkage of ports and new residential areas and other observations. The feasibility study was hence not endorsed”.

Ministry of Communications, under which the project was registered prior to the establishment of PART, had recommended not to present this project through the PPP due to its service nature, high costs, and risks that would emerge in the implementation of the project.

Source: Arab Times


Image result for Kuwait Army units put on alert

KUWAIT, Sept 18 (KUNA) — Presidency of the General Staff of Kuwait Army announced Wednesday that some military units are put in a state of combat readiness as a precaution against the current conditions in region.
The measure aims to protect the safety and security of the country’s land, air and territorial waters against any potential threats in coordination with the State’s military and security services, according to a press release from the Presidency of the General Staff.

The Army has conducted air and naval exercises with live ammunition between 1:30 pm and 5:00 pm. today to ensure the maximum level of combat preparedness, the statement said.

The Presidency of the General Staff urged the citizens to be cautious against unverified reports in this regard that could be circulated by sources other than the competent state sources namely the directorate of the moral guidance and public relations.

Source: Arab Times


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