Embassy ground not our jurisdiction: local police


KUWAIT CITY, Jan 13: An unidentified Asian expatriate woman, identified only as KK, has filed a case against the ambassador of her country in her home country, a copy of which has been obtained by the daily, reports Al-Rai.

The plaintiff in her lawsuit claims the incident happened back in mid-November 2018 when the ambassador tried to rape her inside his office after she had allegedly turned down several indirect approaches over a long period of time.

The woman claims in her lawsuit, she is a social worker and often visited the embassy premises and had face to face contacts with the ambassador since 2005 but was unaware that the envoy could go to such an extent. She went on to say the ambassador, presumably under the influence of alcohol would call her in the middle of the night and talk to her lustfully but she disregarded because she knew he was under the influence of alcohol. The night previous to the incident, she says in her lawsuit, the ambassador telephoned her past midnight and said he wanted to see her in office the following morning saying he has something important to discuss which could not be done on phone.

However, when she arrived at the embassy premises at the appointed time, she discovered the ambassador had cancelled all appointments and in a few minutes after she arrived, the ambassador’s secretary left. She went on to say, “The ambassador then got up from his seat and bolted the office door from inside and started verbally abusing me and accused me for not giving in to his wishes. He then grabbed me and pulled me towards him and put his hands on my body and when I threatened to scream, he let me go.”

The woman said she went to the local police station and attempted to file a complaint but the police did not entertain her saying the ambassador has the immunity and moreover, the embassy ground is beyond the jurisdiction of the Kuwaiti security.