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Advanced machines to be employed

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 29: General Traffic Department yesterday launched an experimental operation to issue and renew driving licenses electronically similar to the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI), reports Al-Anba daily quoting informed sources.

They affirmed that the machines will be operated initially for receiving the transactions of citizens in principle followed by opening the door for expatriates in the near future.

It was earlier reported by the daily that the department would be using advanced electronic machines for the electronic issuance and renewal of Kuwaitis’ driving licenses all six governorates.

Sources from Ministry of Interior explained that a number of employees were given training on how to use the new system, and issue and renew the licenses electronically.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 30: An Asian woman, who was accused by her Kuwaiti husband of posting intimate video clips of them on pornographic sites, has been arrested, reports Al-Rai daily.

The woman was seized with an Asian man who she claimed was an employee of her country’s embassy and was with her to protect her from her husband. However, he turned out to be a compatriot who posted the sex videos on the pornographic site for money. Both were arrested and referred to the concerned authorities.

It was earlier reported by the daily that the husband had lodged a complaint with security authorities against his wife, accusing her of selling video clips of their private life.

According to a security source, few months after he married the woman, he discovered that she had sold their sex videos to a pornographic site, and that she did this with the cooperation of her compatriots.


When confronted, she had denied the accusation, screamed hysterically, accused him of assaulting her, barged out of the house, and went to the embassy of her country where she requested for protection.

The husband then lodged the complaint, and provided police with evidences of her behavior including some pornographic clips, which he said he found by chance.

Source: Arab Times

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 30: Director General of the Public Authority for Manpower Ahmad Moussa has issued Decision No.1868/2019 amended by the provisions of cabinet resolution no. 904/2002 to determine the employment ratio for non-governmental agencies based on their employment rate and other economic activities, reports Al-Anba daily.

The decision takes into account great achievements of the national personnel to give them a chance to work in private sector. Al-Moussa affirmed that the decision will be implemented from June 2019 and imposed on the agencies that do not abide by the national employment quota and annual fee of KD 300 for every extra work permit issued to a non-Kuwaiti employee

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 28, (KUNA): The Kuwaiti Cabinet announced on its twitter account on Monday that Sunday (Feb 24) would be an official holiday, and work will resume on Wednesday (Feb 27).

Discussion on hold

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 23: The technical committee of the Municipal Council has postponed the discussion on the proposal which has been submitted by member Hammoud Aqla Al-Enezi on the burial of expatriates in the respective governorates, reports Al-Rai daily.

The daily said, the issue will be discussed during the next meeting in the presence of concerned administration members of the Kuwait Municipality. The Director of the funerals department Dr Faisal Al-Awadi told the daily the response of the Municipality to the proposal was to divide the cemetery as follows: The burial of the deceased who lives in the Capital City, Sulaibikhat, Hawalli, Farwaniya and Jahra will be buried in the Jahra Cemetery and those from the Mubarak Al-Kabir and Al-Ahmadi governorates will be buried in the Sabhan Cemetery.

He added, “The burial will be according to the address written in the civil ID of the deceased explaining that “the approval is as per the technical regulation to reduce the pressure on the cemetery of Sulaibikhat and has nothing to do with the Sharia side.

He pointed out that “the proportion of the deceased buried in Sulaibikhat only is between 40 and 50 percent of the total number of people buried and the cemetery cannot be expanded any more. He said no date has been set to begin the implementation of the proposal especially as the Municipality is waiting for official approval, pointing out that “the municipality will consider in the event of any objections from the people related to the burial site.”

Source: Arab Times

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 23: A knowledgeable security source has denied the authenticity of what was reported about allowing expatriates to enter the country on medical treatment visit visa and receive the costly therapeutic treatment in the government or private hospitals, reports Al-Anba daily.

The source said: “There are very specific cases and visits were allowed upon orders from the high command. These were for therapeutic visit in government hospitals and patients came from Syria, Iraq and Yemen in limited numbers.

The source added: It is unreasonable that the Ministry Interior allows such visits especially in light of the high cost of treatment and shortage of beds in hospitals. The source explained that the door for the therapeutic visit can be opened in private hospitals so that these hospitals can receive certain cases and be able to treat them fully provided that the patients reside in the hospital. The sources pointed out that such visits will be subjected to meeting financial obligations to be determined later, adding that no therapeutic visits have been approved for private hospitals, so far.

Source: Arab Times

34,742 powers of attorney processed in 2018

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 12: A recent statistic issued by the Office of the Minister of Oil, a copy of which has been obtained by the daily, shows the employment of national workforce in the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) and its subsidiaries particularly those who hold scientific qualifications in the fields of petroleum engineering and chemical engineering has reached 84 percent compared to 16 percent for expatriates in the same specialization which works out to 2,021 Kuwaitis compared to 329 expatriates, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The KPC and its subsidiaries have employed 412 Kuwaiti engineers over the past three years, according to the statistics. The company and its subsidiaries have a strategy to employ 749 qualified Kuwaiti petroleum and chemical engineers over the five-year period.

In other news, after the electronic transformation of the Justice Ministry and achievement of the ‘smart ministry’ concept, Chairperson of Farwaniya Documentation Office Sara Al- Hamadan confirmed the office is processing all kinds of public or private powers of attorney (proxies) without the need to visit the concerned department in the main building; indicating they processed a total of 34,742 powers of attorney in and outside the office in 2018, reports Alrai daily.

In her interview with the daily, Al- Hamdan disclosed the most common transaction in Al-Riqqei office is the power of attorney. She affirmed the office is keen on establishing a special counter due to the nature of its work that requires facilitation of transactions and external service for the elderly and patients such that the person in charge of processing the document can go to the house or hospital on a case by case basis. She affirmed the office has allocated a counter for online transactions so the applicants can receive the documents after affixing their signature without waiting in a queue


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