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The Society of Pakistani Doctors in Kuwait (SPDK) has been scrupulously and proactively involved in providing professional health advice and guidance on common health problems, serving ailing persons who can’t afford medical expenses. This service facilitates patients to express and explain their health issues in their native language without communication barriers and limitations with Arabic speaking doctors.

Our efforts to hold medical camps practically negate the general perception that doctors are heartless individuals. Doctors’ volunteer services and their dedication in our camps are remarkable and every new camp is attracting more number of people and all possible services are being extended.
SPDK, as usual, held a free medical camp in Pakistan School Salmiya on 29 Apr 2016 The camp was held from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm and hundreds of patients (males, females and children) from multiple nationalities with greater number of Pakistanis visited the camp, Ambassador of Pakistan H.E Ghulam Dastgir also visited the site and appreciated the SPDK team

All individuals were screened for their Blood sugar and Blood pressure level and were accordingly advised. A wide range of doctors covering all major specialties, medicine, general surgery, cardiology, pediatrics, neurosurgery, ENT and dermatology, were available to give professional health advice to the patients. The patients were also offered free medicines.
SPDIK Free Medical Camp: 29-APR-2016

Pakistan Business Counsel Hosted dinner for Islamic relief delegation on 28-APR-2016

Islamic Relief delegation appreciated Hafiz Mohammad Shabir member OPAC and Arif Butt president Pakistan business Counsel for taking Initial step for China housing project resulting the Kuwait Zakat house donated huge Amount to Islamic relief worldwide organization.

Mean while they announced that they have started The "Thar" water project, the Thar desert is a large, arid region in the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent that forms a natural boundary between India and Pakistan. It is the world's 17th largest desert, and the world's 9th largest subtropical desert. About 85% of the Thar Desert is in India, and the remaining part in Pakistan,

The Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) is an international humanitarian organisation. As the global implementing and coordinating partner of the Islamic Relief family, it provides development programs and humanitarian relief around the globe, regardless of race, political affiliation, gender or belief.

Founded in 1984 in the United Kingdom, the Islamic Relief family includes national offices, affiliated partners and field offices. It states that it delivers its projects in over 30 countries. It also owns a subsidiary company based in Birmingham, UK. TIC International collects and recycles clothes to raise funds for IRW’s work and provides canned meat for aid purposes.

"Pakistan Employment Forum Kuwait organized 4th Oral Health Care Seminar for Students".

PEFK (Irfan Adil Group), Medical Assistance Division, organized 4th Oral Health Care Seminar on 13th April, 2016 Wednesday for Young Students in Pakistan Oxford English School Jaleeb Al-Shuyoukh with coordination of Mrs. Ghazala Bano, The Principal & Mrs. Manal Jaber, and Director of Pakistan Oxford English School. The Medical Assistance Division prepared and conducted the event led by Dr. Huda Shams, Dr. Yasir Jameel & Dr. Ameena Malik. Medical Assistance Division is dealing with career assistance, guidance and counseling in Medical field for Job seekers and Students in Kuwait.

Mrs. Ghazal Bano, The Principal, Mrs. Safa Abdullah, vice Principal of Pakistan Oxford English School Jaleeb Al-Shuyoukh, Mr. Muhammad Irfan Adil, and Mr. M.Irfan Shafiq, Mr. Maqbool Ahmed. along with school staff including Mrs. Madiha & Mrs. Salwa graced the event.

Seminar was started by Recitation of Holy Quran by a young talented student whereas the event was conducted nicely by Mrs. Madiha & Mrs. Salwa. She introduced PEFK & Medical Assistance Division to Young Student. Mr. Muhammad Irfan Adil briefly explained about Pakistan Employment Forum Kuwait and stated that is a premier & first ever Pakistani Forum of its kind in State of Kuwait which is purely designated to provide assistance for job seekers and career counseling for students residing in Kuwait especially among Pakistanis. This is a non-Political & non-Governmental organization. It is a social welfare group established with a vision to provide career guidance to jobseekers & students, mainly Pakistani citizens residing in Kuwait, and help those in need of assistance in their career development, with no limitations of religion, nationality, race or ethnicity. We are here to serve humanity and the career of all humans is precious to us. We aim to provide the Best Career Development Counseling and Job Hunting guidance to our community in Kuwait.

Mrs. Madiha invited & welcomed Dr. Huda Shams, Dr. Yasir Jameel & Dr. Ameena Malik for the presentation. Dr. Huda Shams & Dr. Ameena Malik Delivered Comprehensive & informative Presentation on Oral Health Topic, which showed different ways to tackle Dental issues. Young Students Participated with full enthusiasm and showed their high interest towards presentation and asked several questions in Q/A session & Students were shown different Techniques of brushing through Presentation & demonstration.

At the end, Mohammad Irfan Shafiq thanked the Audience, Students & Principal of school for giving opportunity to conduct seminar.

Mrs. Ghazala Bano, Principal of Pakistan Oxford English School Kuwait highly appreciated PEFK initiative for students. She marked this effort as an amazing contribution. She stated that the Oral Health seminar is very useful, informative and productive. She thanked this Medical Assistance Division and all Team for their ongoing efforts in serving the community.

کویت پاکستان الیون اور ہائی گرین کے درمیان ہونے والے میچ کی تصویری جھلکیاں

پاکستان کلچرل سوسائٹی کے صدر سائیں نواز کی کاوشوں سے کویت کے پرفضا مقام پر سینئر شاعر و ادیب محترم جناب کمال اظہر صاحب کی دو کتابوں منظر کے خطوط اور شائستگی کی تقریب رونمائی منعقد ھوئی پاکستان بزنس کونسل کویت تعاون سے منعقد کی جانے والی تقریب رونمائی کو پروفیسر تسلیم اکبر اور معروف شخصیت عبداللہ عباسی نے خوب رونق بخشی اور نظامت کے فرائض سرانجام دینے
۔پروقار تقریب کی صدارت ممبر اوپیک جناب حافظہ محمد حافظ شبير صاحب نے کی۔مہمانان خصوصی کی سعادت جناب عارف بٹ جناب صالح بروڈ
جناب ڈاکٹر عمیر بیگ اور محترمہ صالیحہ جواد صاحبہ کے حصے میں آئی.
تقریب کا آغاز تلاوت قرآن پاک سے ہوا پھر نعت رسول مقبول حضرت محمد صل اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم پیش کی گئی ۔
معروف شاعر و ادیب محترم کمال اظہر صاحب دو کتابوں منظر کے خطوط اور شائستگی پر اظہار خیال کے لئے کویت ادباء نے سیر حاصل گفتگو کرتے ہوئے شاعر کو خوب سراہا ۔
مہمانان خصوصی نے اپنے خطاب میں کمال اظہر صاحب کو اردوادب کی خدمات پر خراج تحسین پیش کیا عارف بٹ جناب صالح بروڈ جناب ڈاکٹر عمیر بیگ اور محترمہ صالیحہ جواد صاحبہ نے اپنے تعاون کا یقین دلایا حافظ محمد شبیر صاحب نے صدارتی خطاب کرتے ہوئے اردوادب کے فروغ کیلئے اپنی خدمات سرانجام دینے کا اعادہ کیا اور اس خوبصورت محفل کے انعقاد پر سائیں کو مبارکباد اور شیلڈ پیش کی ۔
آخر میں مہمانوں کو عشائیہ دیا گیا

Sponsored by: PBC Pakistan Business Counsel and Al Hafiz Co.

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