Asa, I intend to migrate to pak vd my family next year.wish to take sum furniture and household appliances. Plz tell me abt d current TR policy if any? Wat will b d customs duty? I

Salaam, do you know any custom officer at lhr dry port, need to confirm custom duty for sum products from china.


PIK Answer:

W.S there is no customs duty on furniture and home appliance  but it is mostly on electronic items,  you will need to pay the cost of luggage only or you can use door to door service they will charge around 250fils per kilo and will deliver it at your door step in Pakistan

  1. Certain Items are wavied of Sales Tax as per 6th Schedule
  2. Ceterin Items are waived of Income Tax via ITO
  3. Certain Items are wavied of Customs Duty via 5th Schedule

- Sales Tax @ 20%*
- Income Tax @ 6%**

In Pakistan Customs Duties are valued-added. i.e The basic Customs Duty is charged on the CNF value of the goods., And then Sales Tax is calculated after 'adding' the basic customs duty into original CNF value and then Sales Tax is calculated and so on.

Download the list of Custom Tarrif


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